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Terms and Conditions

Our emergency number: 00 34 606 833 671

Familiarise yourself with the information contained in this document. Verify that the state of your vehicle is in accordance with your rental agreement. Verify details regarding your rental on your rental agreement.


1. The lessee receives the rented vehicle and accessories described in the rental agreement in good condition and undertakes to drive said vehicle carefully and in accordance with the law. 

2. It is strictly prohibited to: Carry passengers or goods when this implies subleasing the vehicle directly or indirectly  Operate the vehicle by any other person who is not authorized by the lessor and the lessee will be responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle  Drive the vehicle when the drivers physical condition is impaired by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness  Drive on unpaved roads or paths. This means losing all rights of insurance. Any break-down, damage to car-parts or tires will be paid by the lessee  It is strictly forbidden to leave the island of Tenerife with the car

3. The lessee´s responsibilitiy is for the first 300€ (category A/B/C) whenever the lessee is responsible of an accident and 600€ (category D/E/F/G/H/S)

4. In case of a tyre being punctured please change the tyre immediately. Any damage caused due to continuous use of the punctured tyre will be paid by the lessee.

5. The vehicle will be returned on the date, place and time specified on the rental agreement. Any alteration must be previously authorized by the lessor. If no authorization has been given the lessor is entitled to demand in court the restitution of the vehicle. 

6. The lessee agrees to pay in addition to the rental charges all expenses resulting from missing vehicle documents, loss of keys, tools and/or accessories. As well as all fines and court cost for traffic and/or other legal violations caused through fault of the lessee during the term of the rental agreement.

7. The lessee agrees to take the following action in case of an accident:  Not to admit liability or guilt  Notify the rental company immediately: 00 34 606 833 671  Not to leave the vehicle before precautions have been taken, to prevent further damage  The lessee has to take note of the following details: license plate, insurance company and policy number, drivers name and contact number  If the lessee does not action the above he/she will be responsible for all damages caused

8. The lessee agrees to take the following action in case the car is stolen: Notify the rental company immediately: 00 34 606 833 671  In case of a theft of the rented vehicle due to a fault on the part of the lessee, the lessee shall compensate the lessor for the full amount of the actual damage it has suffered.

9. The lessee will be responsible for the loss of personal belongings left in the car. And for any damage caused to the vehicle due to leaving personal belongings on display in the car.

10. The vehicle is issued to the lessee with a full tank of fuel. It is the lessee’s responsibility to return said vehicle with the same level of fuel. Failing this, the amount for filling the tank and 10€ service costs will be invoiced by the lessor to the lessee. In case of an error as regards the type of fuel used on the part of the lessee the latter shall be responsible for the payment of the full amount of fuel for the vehicle including expenses for emptying the fuel tank and any breakdown service, as well as any costs associated with repairs caused by such error.

11. Rent a Car GIGI S.L. requires a deposit of 300€ by creditcard or in cash. This amount will be returned to the lessee upon return of the vehicle in good condition. The rental time is from 08:30 to 19:30 unless otherwise agreed. Any additional hour without agreement will be charged at 10€ per hour.

12. The minimum age of the driver must be 25 years old and three years driving experience with driving license.

13. From the 01st of january 2019 a deposit of 70€ for baby seats and 50€ for booster will be required

14. The lessee, whatever nationality, admits full knowledge of the conditions of this contract.